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From Pemberley to Probate: Why Estate Planning Matters To Me

Tree in grand garden

I remember, or to be more accurate, I vaguely remember the gist, of a quote I read in my tutorial readings when I was at University, taking my initial courses in what would eventually become my career.

Whilst I am embarrassed to admit that I still have most of my tutorial materials from those heady student days, thankfully, I have matured enough to be able to combat my instinct to search through all those notes to find the exact quote, at least for the length of time it will take for me to write this post.

The spirit of the quote I read is essentially encapsulated in the quote

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in" Greek Proverb

Apart from the Law, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is another long standing obsession of mine, and so when I came across this idea in my readings, my mind took me to Pemberley, the estate of the ultimate protagonist, Mr. Darcy, or rather to the idea of the estate that my juvenile mind had been constructing for well over a decade.

The idea of Pemberley, of a sprawling estate with a grand house, manicured gardens, huge trees, streams and woods, intoxicated me. My adolescent mind had no problem believing that Elizabeth may have first started to fall in love at the sight of Pemberley, because I was pretty sure I could have too.

But my reality was a bit of a problem, I wasn't aware of anyone that actually owned such a grand estate, and I was pretty sure those that did were nothing like Mr Darcy.

My mind however has always had a particular gift for taking the essential parts of a dream and showing me how they can be applied to my reality.

In time my saw that it wasn't Pemberley that I wanted to be a part of, it was the idea of a legacy, of something valuable and important that can be passed down to generations, the idea that through something as simple as time, something long lasting, something seemingly impossible for the individual can be built, the idea that we are better when we are considerate of those who will come after us.

And so my passion for Wills and Estates was born. Those that have navigated to the About Us section of this website will probably notice that, at the moment, there is no photo of me. This is largely because I dread every second that a photo of me has ever been taken. But it's also because I don't think a photo of me actually reveals anything important about me.

I hope the story above tells you a lot more about me than a photo of me ever will. From time to time I will include a personal post in this blog as well as including important posts about updates in the area of wills and estates and general information about estate planning that I think it is important for you to have.

Thankyou to everyone who wants to come with me on this journey and I hope to be able to assist you all in building your legacies.

Book a free call with me today to discuss your estate planning needs.

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